Action Sex Story

All began when he was 14 years old. My father,my mother,and my 5 year old sister are happy we lived together.

My dad is in the normal range of mid-standard proportioned and he’s a man. Officer ,excessive smoking and drinking, comes home late at night sport has ever done.189 cm. the big and tall basketball Jock who are interested in having sex from a very young age who has an interest every one or two times I’m masturbating.My sister about what was happening around a very small and uninformed, ignorant. My father at the age of 42, my mother at that time was 34 years old. My mom’s pretty nice-looking,medium-tall, despite wide use ,however, smooth and thick with a firm ass ,meaty legs, perky tits,brunette with a very thin waist than the hips especially a woman.

Wear proper clothes and doing makeup is as diverse and beautiful works.Free in the household according to season thin, thick, short and long dresses are wearing.

One day during that time, he had a tough fight with my parents.In the evening, my dad came home early and we ate together.But different as my father drank vodka, when my mom saw it with me “I want to drink,” he said.My father immediately agreed, and they began to drink together.My mom doesn’t drink at the table it’s due to the limit that day he was drinking a lot .My brother was already asleep in my room and he worked with them a little lesson and then go to the gym I was watching TV. My father was silent, but it was obvious he had been drinking ,it was like going to sleep, and my mom was still drinking vodka by eating something .I think they were about to finish the second bottle. Watching television was quite high and the table they are seated at the table were wide and she saw me “you’re uyumuyacakmi you,” he said .I” I’m not sleepy yet, “I said.The event that changed everything began at that moment that my mother turned her chair sideways and crossed his legs, her skirt wasn’t too short, but thick thighs stripped and had emerged. I carefully sneak up to the last place I started watching I could see her legs.My father swayed a little he stood slowly, carefully clears up and started walking towards the back.Either the bathroom or the bedroom. Her head leaning on my mom’s wrist, his eyes half-open, half-closed and he was trying to watch television. My dad went back inside my mother’s legs more when I started to look I wasn’t aware that suddenly, I noticed that my dick started to rise and I passed. When he saw me moving my mom tried to recover, “I’m very sleepy,” he said. She lifted her head and the couch before the TV slightly crooked at the knees for your legs at knee level but what outreach uzaniverdi folded her skirt and looked between his legs complete .I slept in my bed and look through it. Immediately, I started to imagine her legs and jacking off, it was very good, approximately 25-30 minutes after he turns on the hall light and looked through the door I saw that. I looked at the couch in the hall slowly out of my room, my mom was asleep it was like.I knew I was close beside passed out,go into the bedroom and looked at my father and he snored.I turned off the light and go back to the gym, it was just enough light from outside lighting of the lamps in the light.My mother turned sideways and stripped her skirt but she was fast asleep he looked like an ass,I walked over Quietly and properly complete, in a deep sleep then I saw his legs I checked didn’t have any hair, because I’m sure she’s asleep between the skirt and bend over, fearing I looked into the depths. It was a shame and a sin what I did, I knew that, but I couldn stop myself I leaned in close adjacent legs was thoroughly, carefully, I lifted the skirt seemed a little dark with my hand between the side,I saw her black lace panties and her skirt had unintentionally rubbed my hand up your leg when she dropped, I was very scared but my mom never made the Thong a little step back and I waited and she didn’t react it looked still a little. I got close to getting up there,her skirt and panties completely thoroughly scraped her legs a little and I pulled my hand emerged from the side degdirdim I went to see my dad again and my brother didn’t move at all. They both deeply was asleep I looked at the clock it was around 02.00 .I went back to my mom why he was in the middle of that great thick white legs and I didn’t know what I was doing, but I enjoyed it.My hand stroked her legs slowly up to his knee degdirdim more boldly tavas I was rubbing my hand hard I tried. I was thoroughly excited me her legs, I continued stroking my cock with my other hand.

Her legs suddenly grabbing his underwear, even how hard I felt like I was coming up to my hand and lightly cracked around one of his leg and at that moment appeared behind the image we have of her pussy near his underwear regularly for months before I knew very little to bother, but I was scared.’This was my mother and was very dangerous, the knickers thoroughly circulate in his legs when he’s going up over my hand, almost touching it .Suddenly there was my nose, it smelled that delicious smell my mom’s pussy is so stupid where I get off between his underwear and slowly encouraged me that I did, but it seemed the hair and crack slightly, my hand snatch close-ups, my mother would gently RUB and finger my pussy it made a sound I have no hesitation that I started to side stirred a little and turned to my mom “Oh no” like it made a sound.I waited a bit, stripped the panties down I tried to pull her skirt way up, but it wasn’t happening, bending slightly, my mother freaked out I was back he opened his eyes slowly, saw me, and “get me my nightgown that I slept like ayyyy, “he said of the robes I go back inside and I bought one when he saw me coming he tried to sit up, but he was barely able to sit up “I’ll put that on,” he said, but it was difficult, “let me help,” I said, he didn’t say anything, just “this is too much,”said I did go to my room, my mom tried to get to the top and I wanted to help him, because he was already having difficulty and together we pulled it to the top it looked huge and delicious tits in black bra, “let’s take this off, “I said, looked me in my face, did not answer, carefully put the bra hooks behind me had been opened at the time that the ends of her bra her tits seemed to skillfully take away “for me bring a blanket, “said the words as I fell towards the back with his hands covered her tits. Go inside and a thin pike I got back when I returned, on my mother he was trying to put on the nightgown. It looked very nice because her tits are above the arms, I walked over, saw me, and immediately lowered her dress. I covered him up and I asked her to take off her skirt, she looked at me and tried to rip out the button behind it at that time “let’s stop,” I said.He took his hands forward, the button solve and I tried to get down your skirt, her hips was making it difficult genistiki so suddenly, I saw him start to go down with her skirt in her underwear. Waist and her hips, although her skirt was barely within my grasp and my fingers started peeling I wake to the edge of his underwear panties below the skirt to come together to realize that I had started downloading I prayed ,she lifted her skirt slightly to get up the waist a bit so I told her black panties up to her knees and I did, she was standing completely naked in front of me, a great ass, a delicious fragrance spread not from one of the knickers that my mother noticed, by covering the range of his ass with his hand, “why complete you did, “he said, “to sleep alone,” I said, “No, No, No ” feet might quickly his pants cikartiverdim the wrists.Half-asleep it seemed, probably I was counting on that.Her nightgown and her bare ass and thigh to cover a portion of “Give me the Pike,” he said, desperate I got on the Pike. When I went to bed, my dick was huge. According to my sister semra, my dick is huge because I always when you fuck her “slow, don’t all of them,” he said, moaning and screaming, but when you put it all together, “ayyyy slow down, please.”Sister Semra is our distant relative,and once married, are separated, the current husband is the best he squeezes.In spite of this ,the light changed so I got my cock stuck in lives that always suspicious when I measured 22 cm at the bottom when it is dropped altogether. it was coming, right at the bottom was studying the head part thick. My mom was sleeping I started to jerk off my cock in my hand, but my mind had been left there in one night than my mother without a bra and don reminds me . I went to the salon myself caught up in the same way if my mom lies and playing with my cock I was so horny haven’t even moved it was like I was coming with my mom.Thoroughly when he came to stick my hand stroked her legs from under the covers and I didn’t care if I never wake up to your knees your thighs thoroughly so I pulled my hand from between your legs and stroked upwards it was warm and soft, suddenly my hand approaching it, even if I felt it was worth it. Was still lying motionless, and was warm and slightly damp, cloth I’ve stripped and thoroughly revealed by sleeping on your back and ass, but I could see the widest part of my hand, rub your cheeks, pussy, finger into my pussy I was starting to move back and forth slightly .It was like she was slowly opening her legs with my mother’s breathing was accelerated ,as though I was mad and started kissing her legs. My head was already very near, and even kissing and I was sucking my mother’s pussy and the other her legs and the smell of slightly smelly and sweaty he was, I forced his legs open a little more.It opened slightly and my tongue I started to suck the clitoris at the top of pasted it into my mother suddenly a deep “simply so much” to drew.and returned me back to the right side, with his ass all the lines had emerged .I started to rub my finger that pussy from behind me I noticed that my mother’s hips started to move again.My sweat shirt down and brought to the level of the head of my cock in her pussy, I pressed forward slightly, my mother’s pussy was soaked but still hard in the head a bit forward so the head of my cock entered.

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